Official Business Advisor for Eastern Europe and USA

Special regulations for Eastern European nationals on

-Any person over the age of 18 years old may open an active profile on the site, fully respecting the Terms. If We discover or have any reason to suspect that you are not over 18 years of age, then We reserve Our right to suspend or terminate your Membership to immediately and without notice.  Any subsequent attempt to register, even when 18 years of age, will also be denied.

-All members are expected to operate in an open, fair and proper manner. Persons abusing the payment mechanisms or credits system, (which includes setting up false profiles and accruing credits fraudulently) or those found moving credits around between members for services that have not been delivered, (or services/galleries that have been set-up obviously to try and defraud other members or the system),  will be subject to whatever action is deemed fit by us and will most likely result in deactivation and loss of credits accrued.

-DirectCam is for the provision of live interactive (text, audio & video) adult themed services, broadcast from a webcam and/or microphone via the DirectCam Platform to visitors to the Site.  Any member found to be abusing this basic usage definition by way of spamming, advertising other websites or services, posting off topic messages or banners, or using images to misrepresent their status or offering will most likely be deactivated. Members are reminded that is a club where members are expected to operate openly and honestly.  For the avoidance of doubt the following is not permitted via JustCamIt/DirectCam:
*use still images in DirectCam
*use pre-recorded video in DirectCam
*have more than one profile per person
*share the same video feed across more than one JustCamIt login
*pretend to offer services (such as Escorting) that you don't.
*pretend to be in a different country than you actually are
*swapping models over accounts
*advertise a couple profile with more then 2 persons ( 3some,4some,etc.)
*pretend to be of a different orientation or sexual preference (e.g. TV/TS than you actually are) either in your summary or nickname

Due to the continued attempts to deceive and defraud, members that have been under control will remain so until the end of December 2013. Members within controlled groups cannot negate the agreement by moving/registering a profile outside of the group (or registering a new profile). Any members who's agreement has ended at that time will be reviewed and removed from the agreement's financial obligations if we believe they will conform to these terms of use henceforth.
Any member found to be swapping profile pictures to show different people, or changing a profile's underlying identity, after verification will have their membership suspended for a minimum of two weeks. Once verified all profile content must pertain to the verified member.

All other Terms are stated in the form (see also the dedicated page with all Special Terms posted on

In order to join the controlled section, you need to fill in the online form clicking the button  AW Control Form .  After approval, you will receive an email to confirm it.